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Start your meditation practice

If you’ve been thinking of starting a meditation practice, here are some of the top benefits you’ll experience and a couple of tips to get started. Benefits of Meditation: - Time for yourself - Increasing grey matter in your brain - Reduces stress and anxiety - Increases creativity - Sleep better - Have better focus during the day And here are 3 of my TOP TIPS for newbie meditators 1. Create a dedicated space to meditate each day. Try to avoid doing other activities in that space. 2. Start small and build. For example, start with 1 minute each day, then increase it when you feel ready. 3. Release your expectations to the results. Focus on building the habit of meditation rather than expecting to see results. Meditation is a powerful practice and it may take time for you to master it. Be patient with yourself and remember “Be the tortoise, not the hare”. Happy meditating! Lee

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