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Getting your hands dirty

Spring is upon us and for many people this awakens a passion to be outdoors and appreciating nature. If you’re like me, you love spending as much time outdoors as possible exploring and communing with nature. I know many of my clients have a passion for gardening. While this is a fantastic reason to be outdoors and nurturing outdoor space, I want to explain another reason why gardening is so fulfilling for our bodies and spirits. The act of gardening relates to our first chakra (root chakra), which is responsible for our physical and mental grounding. When we garden, we are literally spending time with our hands in the dirt, which is very centering for us and helps us to feel calm and safe.

To get the most out of your time gardening, you can select a root-based mantra and repeat it during your time in the garden this spring. Here’s a couple of my favourite root-based mantras you can use:

  • I am connected and supported by Mother Earth

  • I feel safe and secure

  • I am grounded, stable and stand in my truth

  • I feel deeply rooted in nature

  • I fully love and trust my decisions

Remember, when you give to Mother Earth, she automatically gives back to you. Keep this top of mind as you’re spending time outside and in the garden this spring. With love and light,


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