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A powerful weekend retreat

I just returned from running a weekend retreat in Ontario with an incredible group of women. The weekend was full of many loving highlights and deep learning at the soul level. I want to send out a massive Thank You to my co-host Dana, who opened her cottage for the retreat and helped us coordinate a powerful weekend. Here’s a couple key realizations I had while on retreat: 1. We all need to tap out of everyday life to get perspective. This helps us take inventory of our personal abundance and also shine light on the areas of our life that need attention. 2. If you surround yourself with the right people at the right time, magic will be created. Let’s be honest, not all humans are at the same point in their spiritual evolution. When you spend time connecting with people who mirror your truth back to you, it’s powerful and transformative. 3. We’re all teachers at our true core. When I run retreats like this I always hold space as facilitator, however this does not mean that I’m the only expert in the group. I want to hear from all the voices on retreat, and encourage everyone to share their experiences and life lessons. I encourage everyone to shine their light brightly. Sending lots of love and hugs to the women who joined me on this weekend retreat. It was magic and I look forward to seeing you again next year! Watch for an exciting announcement coming soon about future events over the holiday season.

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